Who wants a hammer

when we've got

the whole toolbox?

We've all seen it. The lawyer who only sees a legal problem, the accountant for whom numbers are always the solution and the management consultant who assures you only a restructure will fix this for you. As Maslow's Law of the Instrument puts it; "...if the only tool you have is a hammer, (you) treat everything as if it were a nail". It's an - albeit unintentional - cognitive bias that costs you and your business money every day.

That's why we surround ourselves with the best and brightest experts in their fields. A close-knit team of specialists with knowledge and experience across a broad range of SME needs, bringing an Uncommon perspective to our thinking.  

We call them 'The Orbit'.

Whatever your business problem, we'll  work together to find the right solution. 

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Gavin Sherratt

As MD of software development consultancy Mashbo, Gavin advises on how digital technology can transform productivity, capability and profitability.

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Robin Gill

As a Partner in Corporate and Commercial law at Hillyer McKeown, Robin buys and sells businesses for a living.

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Peter Cheney

As a Co-Founder at Carbon Corporate Finance Peter adds real value when you're looking to sell your business; raise capital; or grow through strategic acquisition.

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Angus Millen

As Founder of Millen Capital, Angus is on a mission to rid the world of the staggering amount of bullsh*t he sees surrounding Wealth Management.

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Ian Humphris

As Founder and CEO of NOKAMO Consulting, Ian works with company leadership teams to create strategic value propositions that drive the P&L.

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Steve Todd

Steve works alongside Gavin as Technical Director of Mashbo, focusing on innovative technical solutions for clients.

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Jerry Scriven

With his extensive real-world PLC FD experience, Jerry brings a dynamic dimension to the Uncommon team.,,

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