Growing your business organically can sometimes feel a little sluggish. Non-organic growth in the form of acquisitions can deliver a real change of pace.

Acquisitions can be one off or lead to a series of strategic acquisitions based around a wider requirement whether that is market share, key talent, know-how or critical mass.

What’s in it for me?

  • Develop the brief to determine an acquisition criteria

  • Market research to develop a long list of prospective acquisitions

  • Test seller appetite & define the short list

  • Deal Negotiation

  • Management of the transaction

  • Coordinate your legal and financial requirements

  • Integration plan for your Acquisition

What does it cost?

Turbo Boost is charged on a part fixed, part contingent basis.

Fixed fees are charged to create the acquisition brief and carry out
market research and development of the acquisition list. Deal Generation will be based upon a Contingent Fee.

How much of my time will it take?

A few days a month

Over what timeframe?

12-18 months

Product Makeup

Commitment level required from me?

1. Suitable for pedestrians
2. You need your running shoes on 
3. Best be on your bike
4. All out, foot to the floor

Get in

Call us on 0333 242 3743, email or pop a message in the box and we'll be in touch.
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