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We exist to see things you can’t. Years of hands on experience has taught us where to look and what to look for. Curiosity is our compass; expertise our engine; enlightenment our destination. 

This is where your journey to exponential growth begins…

Discover The Uncommon Journey - our suite of products to take your business from A to 'Sold' here....


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  • On Board

    If you want people to believe in your plan they need 
    to believe in you and your team - and we know what a strong team looks like. 

    With ‘On Board’ we’ll plug the skills gaps in your business. We'll be the challenging wing-man that helps you to generate funds for your plan, 
    to grow your business in line with your plan, or to achieve that desired exit. 

    Our team take on many rolls, whether as consultant, coach, friend 
    or NED; we supplement your team to help you 
    develop a high performing Board.

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  • Investment Drive

    It takes cash to grow a business and our 'Investment Drive' product
    helps you generate the cash you need. 

    We start by identifying the level of investment you need to hit the road, then we find willing investors and persuade them to buy in at the right price, so you can achieve your goals. 

    For businesses with revenue, Investment Drive can be combined with elements of CashBoard; improving cash collection and refining the need for external investment.

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  • Launch Pad

    Business Proofing

    Before any sustained growth in a business, it's critical to ensure that growth remains sustainable and is built on secure foundations. 

    We’ll take a look under the hood of your business to ensure 
    your business plan remains robust and focus your brand proposition 
    to push your business further, faster.

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  • Map & Compass

    Business can be tough. You often know there are changes needed to move you forward and you may have some idea of why they're not happening. But you don't know how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

    'Map & Compass' lifts the fog to help you to navigate the way forward...
     Taking a close look at you and your business, Map & Compass delivers a warts-and-all audit that highlights the issues holding your business back and pointing you in a clear direction for change.

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  • CashBoard

    ‘CashBoard’ is an in-depth review of your business's ability to generate cash and identifies quick fixes for your business cashflow. 

    Including a comprehensive review of existing and future critical success factors and - where appropriate - work toward the development of a personalised cash flow dashboard, CashBoard demonstrates how The Uncommon Practice can quickly deliver a positive return on investment (ROI) by laying out what you have and what you need, what dials need to move and what levers you need to pull to dramatically improve your cashflow. Then it continues to track performance against set financial criteria to keep you moving faster. 

    Cost effective and time-efficient, CashBoard gives you full visibility wherever you are, whenever you need it; to guide you as you go.

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  • All Cylinders

    Getting the exit value you want requires a business operating at optimum level. 

    ‘All Cylinders’ gives you a measurement of your business against a buyer’s vision, as well as a specific modification list to get you firing on all cylinders - where your value grows at pace. 

    And if you combine All Cylinders with On Board we can take the wheel on anything you can't achieve yourself or with your existing team.

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  • Culture Safari

    Valuable businesses operate around the best people... 

    In ‘Culture Safari’ we help you talent spot within your business and beyond. 
    We coach your team to greatness and help you create a culture that entices the best recruits. 

    We also address the elephant in the room when it comes to underperformance to ensure everyone's ready for the journey.

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  • Sales Accelerator

    If selling more is the answer, we can help. 

    Whether sales growth can be delivered organically, facilitated by a refreshed sales strategy, or a strategic acquisition we can support you. 

    If needed, we'll make recommendations for short and medium term changes to facilitate organic growth. Whether it's a rebrand or a refocus on the areas delivering the best margin, or a concentration on a completely new market, we help you put the pedal to the metal.

    With our experience in developing teams, recruiting talent, refining strategies, undertaking relevant market research and facilitating mergers and acquisitions, we have all the tools to help your business grow.

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  • Cruise Control

    Being your own boss isn’t all plain sailing. More often than not, it means more stress, longer hours, more management and less time to enjoy the lifestyle you're working so hard for.

    With ‘Cruise Control’ we aim to recalibrate your workload by building a trusted team around you who can take the wheel, leaving you to focus on the road ahead and even have time for a pit stop or two. 

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  • EndGame

    Selling your business is often a once in a lifetime race run by the inexperienced and untrained. But now our ‘EndGame’ product can get you closer to the exit you want and even over the finish line to a sale. 

    Our team of qualified experts will steer you in the right direction; from valuation of your business now, to pin pointing what you actually need to to do to sell. We can even sell your business for you - ensuring you get the smooth successful exit your hard work deserves. 

    Do not leave your exit value to chance. Let the experience of the Uncommon Practice help you navigate the game board.

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  • Uncommon Board

    A virtual service providing experienced non-exec board level power to plug into your business. Giving you expertise where and when you need it.

    From strategic or retained legal advice to chartered accountants, project managers, leaders, coaches and HR we have an expert lens on all angles of business. Our qualified professional can fill in for board meetings, lead projects and ensure all of your business blindspots are covered.

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On Board
If you want people to invest in your business, they need to believe in your board.

We know what an investment board looks like. With On Board we’ll help you see what skills you’re missing around the table and seek them out - building you a board that will get investors on board and drive your business forward.
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On Board
If you want people to invest in your business, they need to believe in your board.

We know what an investment board looks like. With On Board we’ll help you see what skills you’re missing around the table and seek them out - building you a board that will get investors on board and drive your business forward.
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The Uncommon Practice exists to see things you don’t in order to make your business better than you could alone, so that you can grow faster and achieve more.
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