5 Podcasts
for Out-of-Hours

It's not all work, work work at The Uncommon Practice, so whatever you're up to this weekend, here's our Top 5 loosely 'Business' podcasts to enlighten your ears with profitable thinking. 

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Our Top 5 Business Podcasts

1. Freakonomics Radio
To get a different perspective on how the macro really affects the micro we love Freakonomics co-author Stephen J. Dubner and his weekly exploration of "things you always thought you knew (but didn’t) and things you never thought you wanted to know (but do) — from the economics of sleep to how to become great at just about anything. "  The current edition has a fascination interview with Christina Romer - top White House economist during the 2008 crash - on what lessons we can learn from past economic crises.

2. Masters of Scale
Raise your level of ambition with this podcast from LinkedIn co-founder and Greylock investor Reid Hoffman exploring "how companies grow from zero to a gazillion, testing his theories with legendary leaders." 

3. The Tim Ferris Show
It's the #1 business podcast on the Apple Podcast charts, so it's hardly a secret - but if you're looking for inspiration from some of the most successful individuals on the planet, this is a go-to listen. From Arnold Schwarzenegger to Malcolm Gladwell,  Maria Sharapova to US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Tim unpicks the top life hacks from a really eclectic selection of guests. 

4. The TED Interview
The proposition for TED is "Ideas worth spreading".  In The TED Interview, TED curator Chris Anderson speaks with "some of the world’s most interesting people" - including Bill Gates and Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks to name just two none-too-unimpressive big names. But if you don't already have TED in your life, don't stop at the podcast. There are thousands of hours of written, audio and video content to stimulate your brain, challenge preconceptions and inspire new opportunities all from one link.

5. Choiceology
Katy Milkman shares "Stories of irrational decision making" in a fascinating half hour podcast on psychology and behavioural economics that will shed light the psychological drivers that can have long reaching impact.

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