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Ian Humphris - Founder & CEO 

Ian has more than 25 years' experience in marketing, with nearly 15 years as a business owner and serial entrepreneur.

He co-founded two successful creative agencies in 2007, working with clients as diverse as Nestlé, GlaxoSmithkline, Coke, Whitbread and Molson Coors, then sold them in 2014 to a UK PLC for £20+m before launching NOKAMO Consulting in January 2020.

He's a start-up and SME investor, passionate about growth from companies offering something new that f*cks up the status quo.

He's also an avid reader, bike rider and a past-it racing driver.

"81% of CEOs think their marketing is different, while only 7% of their customers agree." Check out Ian in conversation with The Advertist on why brand marketers should be more focused on cashflow than brand salience here

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