…seeing is not as simple as looking.

Building a successful business is like playing a board-game when you can't see all the pieces. You need a helping hand; a wingman, a spotter, a course-corrector, to help you navigate the board and take care of your business blindspots. 

Our team of Uncommon Consultants bring a wealth of real-world experience and subject matter expertise from across the business spectrum. Their straight-talking, practical insight, advice and hands-on support will show you how to turbo charge your business; whether you're looking for GROWTH, FUNDING or to EXIT.


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On Board 

Plug the skills gaps.
Investors need to believe in you and your team. Whether as Consultant, coach, friend or NED, we'll help you develop a high performing Board. 

Investment Drive

Generate the cash you need.
We'll identify the level of investment you need then find willing investors to buy-in at the right price, so you can achieve your goals.

Launch Pad

Business Proofing for SMEs. 
Before any growth, it's critical to ensure your business is built on secure foundations and remains sustainable; so you can go further, faster.

Map & Compass

A warts-and-all audit.
When you don't know how to get from where you are to where you want to be, we identify the issues & point you in a clear direction for change.


Optimise and track cashflow.
We lay out what you have and what you need, to dramatically improve cashflow; then we track your performance against set financial criteria.

All Cylinders

Get the exit value you want.
We'll measure your business against a buyer’s vision and give you an honest review - with a modifications list that gets you firing on all cylinders.

Culture Safari

Identify your best people. 
We help you talent spot within your business and beyond; coach your team to greatness and help you create a culture that entices the best talent.

Sales Accelerator

Is selling more the answer?Whether delivered organically, facilitated by a refreshed sales strategy or via a strategic acquisition, we can support you to drive sales growth.

Turbo Boost

Acquisitions for rapid change.
Whether the objective is market share, key talent, know-how or critical mass, we can help you boost business with non-organic growth.

Cruise Control

Enjoy the lifestyle you're working for. We'll help you build a trusted team around you who can take the wheel, so you can look ahead or have time for a pit stop or two.

End Game

Don't leave your exit value to chance. We'll steer you in the right direction; from valuation now, to pinpointing what's needed to sell. We can even sell your business for you.

When needed, we can call upon the specialist services of trusted partners. We call them the Uncommon ORBIT. Find out more about them here.

The Team

Steve Harvey

Founder Director
Steve's frustration, on behalf of business owners looking for cohesive and co-ordinated professional service delivery, led to the thinking behind The Uncommon Practice.

With more than 20 years' experience, he's been there, done that, so you'll find him invaluable when it comes to spotting the snakes and ladders of business success.

A corporate lawyer by trade, and Chairman of Hillyer McKeown since 2017 Steve now acts as a non exec for an eclectic selection of businesses.

Lucy Powers

With years of experience in large blue-chip companies and an MBA under her belt, Lucy’s spent the last 15 years growing her own family business. Managing everything from finance and HR to marketing strategy and operations, Lucy knows all about the excitement, late nights and stress of running an SME.

With a natural curiosity for how businesses are organised and a belief that good strategic thinking creates vastly different outcomes, Lucy takes the chaos out of firefighting, so business owners can get on with what they do best.

Olga Fahey

As an innovative business consultant, Olga’s role is to identify and find new ways to capitalise on business opportunities. Her supportive approach and extensive change management, project leadership and business analytical skills, deliver demonstrable improvements in business performance and operational efficiencies.

Combining a fun, energetic attitude and a laser focus on business process and optimising resource, Olga helps SMEs to focus on important strategic planning rather than day to day operations

Jack Crowley

Bus. Dev Manager
With years of sales experience in both Corporate and SME companies, Jack has a wealth of knowledge and contacts within his network and with everything from networking & sourcing to negotiation & deal closing in his portfolio, he's definitely someone you want in your corner.
But like all sales people he's ridiculously persistent and passionate about The Uncommon Practice. If he wants you to know about how we can help to turbo charge your business, it's probably best to give in and let the magic happen.

Other services available from The Uncommon Practice.

As a fully integrated Professional Services business we co-ordinate our team of experts to support SME owner-managers, whether you want to GROW, FUND or EXIT your business. Find out more about our other services.

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The Uncommon Practice exists to see things you don’t in order to make your business better than you could alone, so that you can grow faster and achieve more.
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