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We work in the SME market; specifically with businesses that want to grow, and we have a range of products that are all designed to support business GROWTH.

Recognising that many businesses need cash to grow, we’ve also developed products designed to support businesses looking for an injection of FUNDING.

And finally, we all know that growth delivers opportunity and after all years spent growing your business your opportunity may be to capitalise on all that hard work, so we have products that support a successful EXIT.

That’s it.

So, if GROWTH, FUNDING or EXIT are on your mind you can find out more or get in touch today for a chat.

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Our Products

Take an Uncommon Journey 
to SME success.

Supercharging growth requires anything but ‘business as usual’.

Find out more about the products we offer and get a guide to the cash and commitment needed from you, right here.


5 min reads for SMEs

In the unlikely scenario that you have 5 mins to spare; cast your eyes over our collection of thought pieces, articles, watch-outs and other useful resources. We’ve made sure every piece is worth your time. 

Case Studies

Seeing is Believing

The Uncommon Practice may be new, but we - sadly - are anything but. We’ve been helping businesses across the UK for decades. 

Here are some Uncommon tales of business success past.

AE Aerospace

In autumn 2020 we offered our services completely free of charge to one SME business owner looking to supercharge growth. AE Aerospace were the worthy winners...

We offered all our tools, products and hands-on experience to help a fellow SME business achieve ambitious targets and go further, faster. 


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The Uncommon Practice exists to see things you don’t in order to make your business better than you could alone, so that you can grow faster and achieve more.
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